If you’ve read our first BLOG: "Starting a sportswear brand, why Quality matters"   you will know that the core to our business is producing Sportswear of high quality that delivers a performance benefit.

Our mission is a simple one; we want to help our customers achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential. We do this by providing sportswear that is designed and produced with the same passion and energy, as our customers put into their training or racing.

So early on in our journey, we needed to define what quality and performance meant to us at KOA sportswear and more importantly what it meant to our customers.

Let’s start with the definition...



“the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something”

“a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something”



“the action or process of performing a task or function”

1a : the execution of an action. 

1b : something accomplished : deed, feat. 

2 : the fulfilment of a claim, promise, or request : implementation.


We realised by their very definition, that the terms of quality and performance were subjective; something that had no common level. Or even more important, something that was personal to the person who was doing the measuring or comparison.

It was from here, that we we went back to our core values: Read more about our values here.

And so, we set our own bar.

We looked at what customers were saying; we read hundreds of reviews of both product and brands. We compared what was important to you the customer, what is important, what was a nice to have and what was a gimmick (yes we have all seen them).

We are not a brand that is going to say we reinvented the wheel, after all the wheel is a great product. But we are a brand that is going to say that we listened to what our customer thought was important to them, what quality meant in their eyes and what performance meant in reality. Then we produced products that reached those QUALITY and PERFORMANCE benchmarks.

It is from this starting point that we could innovate; we worked with 30+ design patterns with differing numbers of panels in our cycle jerseys, with 50+ fabric combinations. Fabrics from many different continents; fabrics with differing properties in breathability, flexibility, durability, soft feel, sweat wicking….. etc. The skill is then to bring all those choices together and produce a product with superior comfort for the customer. We did this by using the knowledge of designers based at our suppliers, who have worked in Sportswear apparel for more than 10 years.

This same method was applied to our socks, BIB shorts, arm warmers, technical running tops, shorts and every other product we have and will produce.

This knowledge and design process has allowed us to produce our first collections, based around different fits: PRO AERO, PRO PERFORMANCE, ELITE PERFORMANCE and CLASSIC.

Each fit has a purpose to match its performance needs as requested by customers, you can read more about this in our sizing and fit guides on our homepage  where you will find more of the technical properties of each collection.


Everyday clothing or activewear such as cotton t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, gym shorts and hoodies are all designed to look good, be comfortable and sometimes they will add technical elements. They’re not designed for high-intensity activities such as cycling, running, or gym workouts.

For this reason many professional or elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts wear highly technical, functional sportswear. Technical materials and specific fit really add to the comfort, feel and intensity levels that can be sustained. Our high quality sportswear has been carefully created to offer the best support for your chosen sport, helping you train harder, for longer, and to recover quicker.

Professional sportswear can have a major influence on how your body and muscles move, and how they adapt to temperature and physical exertion during exercise. For example, if you wear a specialist top during your HIIT or endurance sessions; the technical design and nature of the garment will influence how your body regulates its temperature, how flexible it is around working muscles and how it supports you in the elements or conditions you are facing (keeping warm, keeping aero, keeping cool etc).


We designate or products PRO or ELITE based on the number of technical or design features that have been added and their suitability to be able to be used by those that train at the highest intensities, but these benefits are not limited to Professional level athletes or Elite performance athletes. At KOA Sportswear, we believe these designs and technical benefits are something that can aid any athlete from a new starter to a professional. So PRO performance is not designed for professional athletes, its designed for those that want to benefit from PRO design and technical benefits.




We know we’ve got quality right when the first piece of sportswear you grab for whatever activity you are doing, is your KOA Sportswear kit.


True to our values, we never stop listening and we never stop improving or innovating.

In our next blog, we will talk more about kit options and their benefits.